Billed as the "Disney World of Sex" (which the formerly Chinese owned Disney/ABC/Sony zaibatsu would have protested if Hansen hadn't bought it), Hansen's Wonderworld of Hentai gifs, aka Hentai World, was specifically designed for the decadent uberrich. Every sexual fantasy, fetish, and perversion imaginable (plus a few newly invented) was featured as a major attraction. Cutting edge spas, state of the art exercise facilities, featuring the latest in beauty enhancements and exercise equipment, were included as a bonus for the guests.

The Social Moralist Party who ruled much of Earth's congress protested of course, but the planet was located just outside of Humanspace and, therefore, out of jurisdiction.

Opening day was a major media event. The paparazzi were kept at bay by armed transports and mercenaries. Some of the guests included the most prominent tech moguls and, as rumored, politicians. The best looking celebutants, models, and holoweb stars attended (some advertised their presence in advance for scandal publicity). Rounding out the roster were a college fraternity and sorority which had won a holoweb contest.

The guests, so the story went, partied for, at least dildo hentai gifs , one standard Terran month. . .and then something went wrong. The exact facts were lost to history; rumors of transport shuttles, crowded with stark naked guests, copulating like frenzied rabbits and irrevocably insane, frantically evacuating the planet, persisted well into the Third Age.

No one knows exactly what went wrong. Sabotage futanari gifs by unfriendly business rivals or moral terrorists was suspected. Investigators speculated that the cutting edge nanotech, biotech, genetics, and exotic alien lifeforms created an extraordinarily bad combination. Malfunctioning A.I's were also discussed as possibilities.

Stewardess 1000 recommended the planet as a refueling station. Actually, recommended wasn't the correct term. "Seized control and steered us here is more like it," Dick fumed tentacle anime gifs . He had little say in the matter. Dick was on probation due to a sexual indiscretion. No more star liners for awhile. Stewardess was authorized to take control in times of emergency. "Probationary Captains can fuck themselves so far as corporate is concerned," he grumbled. "I only had a little too much. . ."

Robby Summers, just turned eighteen, but one wouldn't know it from his size. "Kid has to be five foot one, two at the most," Dick smirked. A mop of dark brown hair, a snub anime gifs nose, and soft features made him appear younger than his age. Dick was glad he had his growth spurt at fourteen. Shooting from 5' to 6'2" and packing on another eighty pounds of muscle, turned him from geek to jock within a year. A kid like Robby was probably a bully magnet. "Better the bully than the bullee," Dick chuckled, remembering the stuff he pulled on guys like Robby.


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